Diet Tricks to Train Your Mind

Diet your brainWho says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I was thinking about the phrase “dog days of summer” and like all things it got me thinking about weight loss and what lessons Ol’ Rover could teach us. Without further ado, here are dieting tips to train your mind, increase your willpower, and get you best of show at the same time!

1. Reward good behavior

2. Don’t ignore good behavior

3. Do not reward undesirable behavior

4. Do not punish desirable behavior

5. If you are not serious about enforcing a command, don’t give it

6. Develop the proper use of timing

7. Interrupt the behavior pattern you want to change

8. Social interaction

9. Proper exercise

10. Safety and security

11. Food, water and shelter

12. Training leads to skills

Sounds fairly simple, doesn’t it? It should be. I found this list when surfing the web looking for some tips on dog training for our dog, Buddy. Much like my obesity, Buddy came uninvited into my life and proceeded to turn things upside down in the process. He is a great family dog and very loving, but the barking just has to stop. Much like my overeating had to stop.

In searching for some answers to train my lively pup, I stumbled upon a list of 101 dog training tips on I read the list and they made a great deal of sense to me for my dog’s needs. As I later thought about the list, many of the pointers were exactly what I did while charting my path on the journey of self-improvement through self-motivation, that eventually led me to lose 130 pounds and to maintain it for over 12 years. Let’s pray that Buddy gets it and is able to maintain his improvements for that long, too!

Let’s see if we can teach old dieters a new trick by applying this tips to our plight.

1. Reward good behavior—In my book, Awaken the Diet Within, I dedicate an entire chapter to the benefits of rewarding yourself as you meet the goals that you have set for yourself. My first goal was to avoid eating ice cream for one week. If successful, my reward was a manicure. Two weeks a pedicure. Three weeks a trip to the art museum. You get the picture. Small rewards for reaching my goals. Human dog treats, so to speak!

2. Don’t ignore good behavior–Don’t ignore the positive behaviors that you are making and the insights and awareness that you are building. Those are equally if not more important than the readings on the scale, yet we give far too much credence to the scale!

3. Do not reward undesirable behavior–Absolutely not! If you ‘fall of the wagon’ and eat something that is unhealthy, do not ‘reward’ it or allow it to cause you to overeat for the rest of the day, waiting for the proverbial “tomorrow” to arrive and signal the start of the new dieting day.

4. Do not punish desirable behavior–Think of this as going into deprivation mode. In the past, you may have associated dieting with deprivation, don’t do it this time! Realize that by following the healthy lifestyle that you are now embarking on that you are doing great things for yourself and that the unhealthy ways of the past were in fact, depriving you of optimal health! Punish the bad, praise the good!

5. If you are not serious about enforcing a command, don’t give it–If you are not ready to start this journey, don’t. Wait awhile. Figure out all of the reasons why you want to change, but once you step foot on the path of self-improvement, do so with the intention of adhering solidly to your new way of life. Make no excuses and accept no excuses.

6. Develop the proper use of timing–Timing is everything! Use your time wisely. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you don’t have time to work out or that fast food is your only option. Plan your time and optimize it. If you are not taking steps in the right direction each day, doing actions that will get your further to your goal, or are worrying about what may lie ahead then you are wasting time! Your timing couldn’t be any better than right now to get started!

Mind Over Diet

7. Interrupt the behavior pattern you want to change–“If you keep doing the same things that you have always done, you are going to keep getting the same results you have always gotten.” Enough said.

8. Social interaction–Get a buddy, a mentor, visit a chat room, etc. You don’t need to be on this path alone, there are a lot of us traveling it. Make it fun and don’t allow yourself to feel lonely. If you want a friend, first be a friend to yourself.

9. Proper exercise–Your body will respond so well to this tip. Start slowly and do as much as you can do depending on your health and level of fitness. I can assure you that if you just start moving, it will be easier each time and soon it will even be fun!

10. Safety and security–Do not fall for fads and gimmicks. Chose your approach wisely. Make sure you are eating a sound nutritional diet and get a physical!

11. Food, water and shelter–The basic human needs. We need food, but we don’t need Twinkies. We need water, not Coke. We need shelter, not a mansion. Get your priorities straight!

12. Training leads to skills–Practice makes perfect! Keep reading positive books, listening to motivational tapes.

Non-Organic Healthy Diet Foods

While much is said about the higher quality of organic fruits and vegetables, a new report suggests that there are certain foods which don’t need to be organic in your diet. The issue for most people is not a lack of good health because they are getting fruits and vegetables that lack nutrients. Most people are just not getting anything!

You can worry about your quality of fruits and vegetables after you have given up soft drinks, sugary drinks, fast foods, and sugary foods. The nutrients you may be missing from non-organic to organic is insignificant if you’re feeding your body foods that add to the oxidative stress level in your system. That means avoiding the junk.

Organic and Non-Organic Food

Increase Your Lifespan with a Healthy Diet Plan

What is the maximum estimated potential lifespan for a human? Most authorities and researchers estimate that a human body is capable of living to be 120. Yes, years. That is significantly different than the average life expectancy of around 75 (a little higher for females). What makes it possible to live to be 120? Some people claim succeed with 3 week diet program, but anyone use 3 week diet Pdf Brian Flatt? Please send me comment for more information.

For starters, you could easily list a few things that may move the average down, for example deaths from car accidents. There are even the more obvious things that take a life too early that may be prevented such as cancers. So what are the basics that can provide an increase in the number of years that most of us are expected to live? The number one element that has been shown to add years to an average life has to do with diet, and specifically reducing the number of calories consumed. This is referred to as Calorie Restriction (CR). Not just reducing the total number of calories, but reducing intake to those absolutely-essential calories, such as those that come from foods high in antioxidants – namely, plants.

Here’s more from Roy Walford, an individual who has put much of his life into the subject, not only from the standpoint of research but also personal experience.

The subject of anti-aging or slowing the aging process is more and more becoming mainstream. We at The Health & Wellness Institute make every effort to motivate others to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle through proper diet and regular exercise, in addition to antioxidant supplementation. This is just the beginning of what may soon be proven methods for reducing sickness, disease, and increasing years to life while adding life to more years.

Organic and Non-Organic Food

The basic foundation of health and longevity, though, begins with a diet that is complete with plenty of fruits, vegetables, or any other plant-based foods that contain high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants seek out free radicals and render them harmless so they can be excreted out of the body without causing inflammation, which is one general cause of speeding up the aging process. Here’s one last comment made on the same site referenced above which I think sums up the subject quite well.

In the case of anti-aging medicine, if you choose to be in the control group (not using any kind of anti-aging medicine), then you can pretty much know what the results will be. Visit any local nursing home for examples of what the future may be like for those in the control group. For those of us in the experimental group in life extension and anti-aging medicine, the future is uncertain; but it is likely to be much more pleasant than what the control group will be experiencing.

Final note: Start taking steps in the direction of better health. It just takes one change at a time, and in one year you will be living fit, healthy, and have a higher likelihood of a long life free of sickness and disease.

Healthy Diet Plans Promote Anti-Aging

There are more and more anti-aging centers and clinics popping up around the country. Considered a $97 billion market, with everything from pills, lotions, hormones, diet, supplements, drugs, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others, it is growing every year. It’s not hard to imagine with a huge population expected to make up a growing percentage of the over 55 market, how more discoveries and increased knowledge of supplements in particular will spark the interest of those who would like to feel and look younger.

The great Dr. Oz and co-author Dr. Roizen have put out a book on the subject – YOU: Staying Young – that may give some insight into how diet and certain super foods and supplements, among other things, can assist with not only anti-aging but reversing some of the normal effects from aging.

This is a time when we can get excited about all the new developments and discoveries on the care, prevention, and even reversal certain conditions. There are a plethora of super foods to add to your diet and can assist with the helping avoid disease and sickness; there are new discoveries related to genomes and genetic mapping that may soon allow a treatment program for a patient with a disease, by using that patient’s own cells and cultivating them to higher strengths and re-injecting them back into their own body. (It would be like taking your very best, elite trained soldier and cloning him a million times to fight a battle).

The bottom line for maintaining good health and wellness is to stick to a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise (recent reports suggest running or jogging is one of the best for maintaining your youth), and add some super foods or phytonutrients to your diet and meal plan. Antioxidants are what “it” is all about for good health. And, who knows, maybe in the next 10 years with the computer and software technology, a discovery will be made to adjust the genetic makeup to allow 20 years of healthier, longer life.