The Best-Selling Adidas World Cup Goods

Since its inception in 1920, Adidas has become a worldwide product and spawned a variety of product for its lovers. In 1963, Adidas became famous for runner Jesse Owens using his shoes during the Berlin Olympics. Right now, since we have World Cup 2018, Adidas also joint the event by releasing Adidas World Cup goods. The goods that they sell actually their best-seller products but they re-release with World Cup design. So, you can get Adidas best-selling products with World Cup 2018 logo or the flag from your favorite country.

Adidas World Cup Goods that Worth to Buy

1. adidas WORLD CUP Match Ball

These balls are very iconic and famous. Not only it has the classic and beautiful model but, adidas WORLD CUP original color is also perfect for fans. You can get this best soccer ball with World Cup logo and it doesn’t look tacky at all.

adidas WORLD CUP Match Ball

2. Adidas Logo T-shirt

Who doesn’t know this legend t-shirt? Right now, Adidas sells this with Adidas World Cup version. This t-shirt is magical because it is suitable for all occasions, either on the track, playing basketball with friends, or walking to the mall with any model shoes. Timeless! You can get this Adidas logo t-shirt with World Cup official logo and your favorite country’s flag to represent your support!

Adidas Logo T-shirt

3. Adidas Campus

Unlike the SL 72 which is designed for exercise, this Adidas Campus series is very likely used for regular use. The main material suede combined with a textured rubber sole to make the three strips look classic cool. As the name suggests, there are campus people who use this shoes for everyday use.

Adidas Campus

4. Adilette Slides

You can go to the beach, pool, or mall if you wear the Adilette Slides. Maybe this sandal is very familiar because of its popular comfort. In fact, there are some people who buy some pairs of these sandals because they like the model. Again, you can get this sandal for special World Cup edition.

5. Original Tracksuit

Another Adidas’ legend product that worth to buy is the tracksuit that has Adidas World Cup edition. Countless catwalk models, hip-hop singers, or public figures using the Original Tracksuit. If there is Adidas’s most iconic product competition, Original Tracksuit deserves its champion! You don’t look tacky if you wear the World Cup edition!

6. Stan Smith

Clean, simple, beautiful, and classic, like the famous Mona Lisa. Yes, Stan Smith is now exploding as a shoe that makes its users look sophisticated as well as classic. If you want to buy something classic and timeless from Adidas, you can get this shoes. Stan Smith also has its own World Cup edition.

7. Jersey

The last Adidas World Cup good is none other than the jersey itself. Right now, Adidas sells jersey in many version. You can buy a jersey that has the flag of your favorite country. You can support your favorite country by using Adidas Jersey which has the flag design in the jersey. The material is still great as ever and the design is also perfect for World Cup 2018.

To Whom Is ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 with Some Upgrades Made for?

If you are looking for an affordable comfortable pair of shoes, you may refer to the ASICS Gel Nimbus 17. In addition to their impressive appearances with the right lining, coloring, and printing, the shoes have the excellent cushion, very good stability features and breathability, and good weight and flexibility.

It is the newest model of Nimbus that makes the Gel Nimbus 16 and 17 come into something better. For more information, read the following shoe review.

ASICS Gel Nimbus

ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 Review

Before we see some upgrades of the shoes from the predecessor, we need to firstly see who the ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 is for. It is a neutral shoe that is completed with stability features, including the heel counter that helps the heel centered in the right position. Check out what Mark from Runner Choice has to say about Gel Nimbus.

However, this feature is not enough to be recommended for those who are looking for shoes with serious stability. Also, this is one of the most popular Asics running shoes 2015. Therefore, the shoes are better for neutral runners.

Heavy runners are also good with the shoes because they feature a great cushioning system that helps absorb some forces and the counterbalance for the more comfortable run.

There are some changes added to the new version of Gel Nimbus. Although the upgrades are fairly minor, they make a good change for the new shoe model.

The upgrades are focused on the shoe stability. There are some upgrades included, such as the X-40 Sockliner and Comfort Dry Lasting.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 17

The make the Gel Nimbus 17 have more comfort and fitting. Those features make the shoe able to mold very comfortably. When the users slip the shoes on, they will feel the comfort.

The cushioning is excellent, however, we found that the previous model, Gel Nimbus 17 had the better cushion than the next models. But at least, the cushioning is still excellent because when the shoes are used to run about 8 miles long, the users will not find any pain or soreness in their feet and knees.


Unlike the other ordinary shoes with less optimal cushion, the new Gel Nimbus 17 gives better comfort and protection. The cushion for the Gel Nimbus 17 would be probably a sponge.

In addition, the shoes are designed based on certain excellent technicalities. As previously mentioned, the shoes have good weight. They are light enough to run, although some other shoes are lighter.

However, the excellent cushioning and stability features added to the shoes do not make them feel heavier. Completed with a very good breathability, the shoes are very comfortable.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Marathon ClickTightReportedly, up to 75 percent, or 3 out 4 baby car seats, are installed incorrectly. However, Britax has come up with a solution in the form of Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat.

What makes this particular series different from other car seats is the ClickTight Installation System installed in the Marathon ClickTight. What does Marathon ClickTight have to offer to ensure your child’s safety? Let’s read the review below.

According Britax Car Seats Marathon Clicktight that britax Marathon is one of the most popular Britax car seat can be used as both a rear-facing car seat and a forward-facing car seat. It is suitable for children 5-40 pounds when it is rear-facing, and for children 20-65 pounds and +1 years old when it is forward-facing.

As your child grows, the height of the harness straps and headrest needs to be adjusted, increasing the safety and convenience for your child. However, unlike other car seats that are difficult to adjust, Marathon ClickTight has a system which makes it quick and easy for you to adjust the height of the harness and headrest:

simply pressing the red button and pulling the top handle will do. The car seat itself weighs 28.4 pounds with dimensions of 23 x 18.5 x 23.5 inches.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Protection System

  • Just like other car seats from Britax, Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat comes with the SafeCell Protection.
  • TheSafecell Impact Absorbing Tether is a strap attached to 2 upper parts of the seat, which secures the seat to the vehicle’s lower LATCG anchors, minimizing potential seat rotation and slowing forward movement in a crash.
  • The SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base works in absorbing energy and counteract forward movement in a crash.
  • The SafeCell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame strengthens the seat’s connection to the vehicle, reducing forward flex in a crash.

Britax Marathon

Britax Marathon ClickTight Installation System

ClickTight Installation System of the Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat is the simplest yet safest technology on the market today.

For rock-solid installation, you only need to open the front compartment of the car seat, feed the belt into the slots and close the compartment.

The 7-position recline makes it easy for angle adjustment and the automatic level indicator helps you know if the seat is already angled correctly in the vehicle.

The plush foam padding and fabrics provides premium comfort for your child. So, not only does the Britax Marathon ClickTight is the safest car seat on the market, it also offers the up most convenience for your child.